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Month: November 2012

When to exit a student and enroll them with a new Entry code

This is for all people transferring students in and out of PowerSchool.

Here’s a PDF that you can save for your own records.

When to exit a student and enroll them with a new Entry Code

Daily Attendance for Students

Teachers were complaining about a “bug” we had on our attendance page. The alerts for every child would show up beside each student’s name in the class. To get rid of this “bug” we had to get rid of this customization.

There is a quick fix.

To the right of PowerTeacher, you will see the Daily Attendance link. Here you will see the attendance comment and code, when it is entered and you will be able to figure out when you have a student who is absent, tardy or may have skipped your class.

Sorry it’s so late, but hopefully this will help you keep up with your students’ attendance.


Schoolnet Link through our Google Docs

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