Sometimes our students have their schedules change and come into our class during the middle of the year. Sometimes they just need to switch to another section you are teaching.

What do you do to make sure they still have previous marking period grades calculate with the grades they earn in your class?

Say you have a student who was in Mr. Yellow’s class for half a year. They have a M1, M2 and S1 grade from him. Those grades do not automatically move to your gradebook. You do not have to enter the assignments, but you do need to enter the final grades. The F1 grade is an average of the S1 and S2 grades. All you will need to do is add that S1 grade so the F1 can be calculated.

In PowerTeacher Gradebook go to the Scoresheet Tab and choose the Reporting Term you need to enter a grade.

Notice the grades with a –. You will want to enter grades for each of these students.

Right-click on the — cell. Choose Show Score Inspector from the dropdown menu.

The Score Inspector window should pop up. The Reporting Term should show as the one that needs to be changed for that student. Check the Manual Override box.

Once you check the Manual Override, you can now enter the percent and letter grade for the student.

Close the window and you will see the changes in the gradebook. SAVE the changes.

**We aren’t done! I know you are wondering why the grade is not automatically showing in QuickLookup.

This grade has already been stored, but for another teacher and section. If you click on “Show Dropped Grades also” (under the quicklookup), you will see it there. Unless you fill out a grade change form and IF the counselor can enter the overridden grade in the correct final grade, you will not see that grade in the active classes showing in QuickLookup.

Hope this helps!

Don’t forget to talk with the experienced teachers around you. Many times we forget to ask our own colleagues for helpl Ask them if they have had to do this before. You actually have experts around you.