Welcome to the Goochland PowerSchool blog. I wanted to give you a little more background to my life. Just so you know, I haven’t always been at Central Office.

I am currently in my 26th full-time year with Goochland. I am the Information Technology Specialist. What does this mean? It means I work every day on PowerSchool data: training, reporting, exports, customization, and troubleshooting. I am responsible for a number of state reports that are due throughout the year including: student record collection, crime/discipline, secondary education demographic form, december 1 child count and newest, master schedule collection. I am in charge of our SIF (Schools Interoperability Framework). This is our bridge for data to pass over to other data applications, like transportation and a VDOE student data collection program called EIMS. There are now over 20 databases that I have to make sure are receiving the correct data from PowerSchool. Oh, and don’t forget those SOL exports with student information for testing. This summer we worked on several state reports, as well as planned for the newest CRDC (federal) report that quite labor intensive. I have taken the lead for the LDS (loginitudinal data system) grant where we were awarded $75,000 toward a new benchmark testing databse. We purchased Schoolnet, a Pearson product, and are on the way to additional data analysis to help our students. We are also updated to the newest PowerSchool , which has a number of fantastic upgrades and should run faster than before.

On a personal note, I am a mother of 3 awesome girls. I have 2 now in college and 1 finishing high school. My husband was an avid fisherman (we’ve been a little busy). We loved to take our camper and head to the beach to surf fish. So, when you see my pictures of the beach on my desktop or blog they are from my family trips. Between children and work, we are seeing less of the beach. We hope to get back to it one day. I am also a cancer survivor.

I finished my education through the VCU/Goochland cohort with a masters in educational leadership in 2009. I finished in the summer and walked that December. I had to show my girls what we all sacrificed for and the rewards from them. Whew!

When my husband and I reached (and have now passed) the big “##” (I’m not going to tell), we decided to participate in the local 10k. We were excited, but I had never run this much before. We enjoyed the challenge and then decided to try the Richmond half marathon in the fall of 2010. We’ve now completed several 10k’s, countless half marathons, a few marathons, 1 half ironman (my husband also did a full).

Thanks for reading, Jennifer Bocrie