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Perfect Attendance

So you’ve been wondering how to figure out perfect attendance. Take a look at these directions and a few tidbits in between. (This was adapted from our support site.)

How To Search for Perfect Attendance

To search for students that have perfect attendance during a specific period of time follow these steps:

  1. On the Start Page, select a group of students.
  2. Choose ‘Search for Perfect Attendance’ from the group functions menu.


  1. On the Start Page, select Special Functions in the Left Menu Bar.
  2. Choose ‘Search for Perfect Attendance’ from the group functions menu.
  3. Use the following as possible guidelines to enter information in the appropriate fields:
    • Students to scan — Select the selected students or all currently enrolled students.
    • Date range to scan — Enter the date range in which you want to scan attendance records.
    • Disregard these codes when searching — Enter the attendance codes that a student’s attendance record can contain and still be included on the perfect attendance report. Separate multiple attendance codes with commas, but with no spaces. (i.e. Students may qualify as having perfect attendance despite having several T (tardy) codes or S (School Excused) codes. In this example, you would enter T,S in the field.
  4. Click Submit.

**On a note, you can not search over multiple years. Bummer, I know. **Also, this ONLY finds students who started  on the first day of school or whatever your start date is in the search. **This must be run at the school level.

How It Works

The ‘Search For Perfect Attendance’ function uses the following selection criteria to determine which students have Perfect Attendance.

  1. The student must have a valid school enrollment for the entire date range specified
    • School entry date must be on or before the start of the dates to scan
    • School exit date must be on or after the end of the dates to scan
  2. Student must have a valid class enrollment during the date range specified
  3. Must be a part of the current student selection
  4. Must not have any attendance records matching all of the following criteria:
    1. Attendance mode matching the Perfect Attendance Selection (Daily, Meeting)
    2. Attendance record must be for the current year. If the date range spans multiple years only the current years records are evaluated.
    3. Attendance Code is not blank (Default Present Code)
    4. Attendance Code is not on the list of disregarded codes entered on the Perfect Attendance Selection Page
    • Note: The Present or Absent Flag on Attendance codes is not taken into consideration. Any additional present codes being used should be added to the disregarded codes list. This is so the system will treat Tardy records as absences by default.
  5. Remote and Summer Enrollments are not considered with determine Perfect Attendance at the student’s home school.

How to Graduate a Student Early Before EOY

When we start up the new year and you have a student still in the high school that already graduated, you will want to follow these steps to move the student to the graduated school.

Archive the Student’s Final School Enrollment and Create a New School Enrollment

This first procedure will archive the student’s final school enrollment as a Previous Enrollment and will create a new current enrollment. This new current enrollment will later be modified to reflect a graduated student.

  1. Select the student that will be graduating early.
  2. Navigate to the Functions student screen and click the Transfer Out of School link.
  3. Enter an appropriate Transfer Comment such as “Graduated.”
  4. Enter the date of the student’s transfer. This should be the day after the student’s last day in class.
  5. Select an Exit Code appropriate for a graduating student.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Verify that the student was successfully transferred out of school. The words “Transferred Out” should be displayed at the top of each student page. If the student is already enrolled for the year and has any attendance on or before the exit date you will get an error message stating to clear out any non-blank attendance first. To clear out any non-blank attendance please see this article.
  8. Navigate to the Functions student screen and click the Re-Enroll In School link.
  9. Enter the Date of re-enrollment. This date should be the same as the student’s previous exit date.  In Premier 5.2.x or later, this date must be an in-session date as determined by the school calendar.
  10. Do not select an Entry Code.
  11. Enter an appropriate Entry Comment such as “Graduated.”
  12. Select a Full Time Equivalency.
  13. Do not restore the student’s course enrollments.
  14. Click Submit. By re-enrolling the student into the current school, the student’s final school enrollment has been archived as a previous enrollment. Navigate to the Transfer Info student screen and verify that the student’s most recent enrollment is archived under Previous Enrollments.

Modify New Current Enrollment for Graduation

Once the student’s final school enrollment has been archived as a Previous Enrollment in the [ReEnrollments] table, the new current school enrollment must be modified to reflect the state of a graduated student.

  1. Navigate to the Transfer Info page.
  2. Click the Entry Date of the student’s current enrollment.
  3. Set the Exit Date to the same value as the student’s Entry Date. Both dates should reflect the day after the student’s last day in school.
  4. Navigate to the Scheduling Setup student screen.
  5. Verify that the Schedule This Student check box is not checked.
  6. Verify that the Next Year Grade is set to “0”.
  7. Verify that “Next School Indicator” pull-down menu is set to the blank value.
  8. IMPORTANT: Ensure that the early graduate is the only student in your current student selection. This can be done by by changing to the PowerSchool Start Page and searching for the student by their Student Number or Last First or other unique information.
  9. Contact me. I MUST do the last step to ensure the student is marked correctly. I will have a few fields to correct to finalize the change. ID: 9586

Teacher blogs not showing in PowerSchool

If your teacher blogs are not showing up in your browser (FireFox or Chrome) correctly and it’s not screaming at you to allow or unblock a plugin, take a look at the 2 pictures below. Click on the shield and allow or unblock the plugin for this page.




Pre-enrolled students, what “next grade” to set

The general rule is (starting grade level +1, -1 if EOY process has not been run).

For example:

1 – Student (Grade 3) comes in during the year and pre-registers a week in advance. Add 1 for the next year grade (Grade 4) so that the student moves up to the correct grade level for the following year.

2 – Student (completed Grade 3) is pre-registered in the summer for the following year. The student will be in 4th grade next year. ***If the EOY process has not been done (no one has moved up in grade levels), the student’s next year grade will be Grade 4. When the EOY process is done, the student will be enrolled in Grade 4 with a next year grade changed to Grade 5. ***If the EOY process has been done, then follow the rule in #1.



Pre-registering Student for the Next Year

How to Pre-register Students for Next School Year

To pre-register a student for the upcoming school year, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into the appropriate school.
  2. Navigate to Start Page > School > Years & Terms and verify that the Years & Terms for the upcoming school year have been created.
  3. Change the term at the top of the page to the year term for the upcoming school year.
  4. Navigate to Start Page > Special Functions > Enroll New Student.
  5. Populate the fields. For enrollment date, enter the first day of next year’s school year. Also, verify that the grade level and school are correct for the upcoming school year.
  6. Submit the page.

Correctly pre-registering students will create a student record with an enroll status of -1 (Pre-Registered). It also creates a pending enrollment that will become active during nightly process at 12 am on the date entered on the “Enroll New Student” page.

Incorrect pre-registering can cause enrollment summary issues. Students that are incorrectly pre-registered may receive and enroll status of 0 (Active) and will be promoted during End-of-Year (EOY) process. They will also receive a dual enrollment and re-enrollment record resulting in duplicate numbers on the enrollment summary report.

ScanIt for Schoolnet Tests

Here are the Scanning directions that Sean Campbell put together for you. You should see a copy of this at every Schoolnet scanner in each school.

This is a PDF. Take a look and keep a copy for yourself.

Scan Instructions

Comments for the M2 quarter


Make sure you put all of your comments in the M2 term. Any comments associated with S1 will NOT show up on the report cards!


Have a Happy and Safe Holiday! See you all on January 7th!

When to exit a student and enroll them with a new Entry code

This is for all people transferring students in and out of PowerSchool.

Here’s a PDF that you can save for your own records.

When to exit a student and enroll them with a new Entry Code

Daily Attendance for Students

Teachers were complaining about a “bug” we had on our attendance page. The alerts for every child would show up beside each student’s name in the class. To get rid of this “bug” we had to get rid of this customization.

There is a quick fix.

To the right of PowerTeacher, you will see the Daily Attendance link. Here you will see the attendance comment and code, when it is entered and you will be able to figure out when you have a student who is absent, tardy or may have skipped your class.

Sorry it’s so late, but hopefully this will help you keep up with your students’ attendance.


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