Did you know you don’t have to go running next door or down the hall or jump on the phone because there is something wrong with onTRAC? There are 2 important links you will want to take full advantage. Do you see the little bubble with a ? in it? That is a quick way for YOU to chat with tech support. You don’t have to wait around any more for someone in your building to finally get around to helping you.

If you click on it, a new window will open and you can fill in your information and the problem. You may have to install an application that gives support the ability to see your screen (once you close your session, they can no longer access your computer). PLEASE use this resource. Take advantage of this accessibility to support. Not all products out there allow this.

Also, there is a blue HELP button beside the ?. This will open a page full of resources and videos and whatever else you need to help you with onTRAC.

FYI, There is a new URL for students to log into onTRAC. The Library Media Specialist are posting this URL to their pages. http://itest.interactiveachievement.net/VA_GOOCHLAND/v7/secure/

I hope this helps you with onTRAC. Jen:-)