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New PowerTeacher Gradebook

Teachers! Today you may be looking at a new way to launch your gradebook. Look at this video (yes it’s through youtube , so wait until testing is done, please.

PowerTeacher Gradebook 2.8 video

Override a Final Grade

Sometimes our students have their schedules change and come into our class during the middle of the year. Sometimes they just need to switch to another section you are teaching.

What do you do to make sure they still have previous marking period grades calculate with the grades they earn in your class?

Say you have a student who was in Mr. Yellow’s class for half a year. They have a M1, M2 and S1 grade from him. Those grades do not automatically move to your gradebook. You do not have to enter the assignments, but you do need to enter the final grades. The F1 grade is an average of the S1 and S2 grades. All you will need to do is add that S1 grade so the F1 can be calculated.

In PowerTeacher Gradebook go to the Scoresheet Tab and choose the Reporting Term you need to enter a grade.

Notice the grades with a –. You will want to enter grades for each of these students.

Right-click on the — cell. Choose Show Score Inspector from the dropdown menu.

The Score Inspector window should pop up. The Reporting Term should show as the one that needs to be changed for that student. Check the Manual Override box.

Once you check the Manual Override, you can now enter the percent and letter grade for the student.

Close the window and you will see the changes in the gradebook. SAVE the changes.

**We aren’t done! I know you are wondering why the grade is not automatically showing in QuickLookup.

This grade has already been stored, but for another teacher and section. If you click on “Show Dropped Grades also” (under the quicklookup), you will see it there. Unless you fill out a grade change form and IF the counselor can enter the overridden grade in the correct final grade, you will not see that grade in the active classes showing in QuickLookup.

Hope this helps!

Don’t forget to talk with the experienced teachers around you. Many times we forget to ask our own colleagues for helpl Ask them if they have had to do this before. You actually have experts around you.

Changes to School Messenger!

We have made some significant changes to School Messenger. Now you can have up to 6 phone numbers, 6 emails and 6 SMS (text messages).**Please check with your phone carrier if you are not sure of your text messaging plan.

You will log into PowerSchool like you normally do, or have done in the past. If you have NOT set up your login, please contact your child’s school to receive your information and they can help you go through the steps of getting yourself set up. If you have been using your child’s login, you will not have access to make the necessary changes to your numbers and emails. You must be logged in as a guardian/parent.

Once you are at the login screen, if you have forgotten your login or password, click on the “having trouble logging in” blue link to have your information sent to you.

On the left hand side of the screen, click on the School Messenger link.

Screenshot from PowerSchool interface






A new window will appear. You will 2 tabs. The Messages Tab will show all messages sent through the School Messenger system. The Contacts tab will allow you to make changes to the phone numbers and emails to receive contacts.

Screenshot from School Messenger interface

Here are some messages you might see. Notice you can play any audio messages, as well as read any emails or SMS messages.


Once you click on the Contacts tab, you will see your list of children. To the right of their names is an Edit link.


Enter the Phone Numbers and Email Addresses. Keep the “Save to All Contacts” checked if you want all of your children to have the same information. Otherwise, you can enter the information separately.

Click on SAVE when you are done. If you ever need to make a change, just log back into PowerSchool and make the changes. Please let our school know if you need any assistance.


Java and Gradebook download

If you are experiencing problems with JAVA and PowerTeacher Gradebook launching, please follow some of the steps below to possibly remedy your issue.

Try another browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) to make sure it happens in each one.

If you are clicking on the Small Arrow button beside “Gradebook” and nothing happens, click on the word “Gradebook”.











Just under the “Launch PowerTeacher Gradebook” button, read what is highlighted in orange. Click on the blue words (not button)click here“.



Another window will appear. Click on the “Download PowerTeacher Gradebook” button. Follow the directions on the page.




In your downloads folder, look for the Gradebook.app icon. Your icon might have the word “Gradebook” without the “.app” after it. That is fine. You can drag that to your Applications folder or your desktop.


You should be able to double-click on the Gradebook icon and enter your credentials to get into your Gradebook.

Writing Examiner’s Manual


Here is Beth’s PowerPoint for the Examiners/Proctors who are giving the Writing SOL test.


Here is the link:

Writing Examiner’s Manual

Parent/Student – Learning how to use PowerSchool

Students and parents use the PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals to view grades, attendance information, graduation progress, and much more. With the help of the PowerSchool Student Portal, students can track their academic success and review when class assignments are due. Using the PowerSchool Parent Portal, parents have access to real-time information about their students’ progress. In this guide, you will learn how students and parents access the PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals, and how to navigate through the application.

PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals

NWEA/Maps Directions and Resources

NWEA/Maps testing will be starting very soon. We want to make sure everyone is comfortable with administering the tests.

We had a classroom pilot the test to make sure we could address some of the bumps you might go through during this process. Zoe Parrish and Krystle Demas were so kind to create a little cheat sheet that will help many of you when attempting to set up your classes and tests. During the pilot we experienced a hiccup and were able to find a solution. This is also posted in their directions. Please do not forget to use the NWEA booklet for help.

Zoe’s directions – https://docs.google.com/a/glnd.k12.va.us/document/d/1ndPgrTemp1rRqdGDGm_V0z6nKWpXZCB0NJcf21rlAMY/edit?usp=sharing

Dr. Geyer and I pulled these guides from the Maps Resources page. You have access to them, but I wanted to share them here just in case.

Test Session Guide – PGM2_Test_Session_Guide

Introducing Students to Maps, what to tell them – QRM2_Student_Introduction_to_MAP_Testing_QuickRef

*One note in Maps, a Proctor is the teacher giving the test. This is different than how we use the term “proctor” when administering the SOL tests.

Proctoring Tips and Troubleshooting – QRM2_Proctor_Tips_and_Troubleshooting_QuickRef

Please do not forget to use the Knowledge Academy for accessing resources and videos. https://knowledgeacademy.nwea.org

Choose the Learning Library




From the Learning Library you will have different types of resources (any plenty of them). Check out the ones that say “Recommended” and click the blue start link in the right hand column.






We hope this helps you with this new assessment. Let us know if you have any questions.

I need help in onTRAC!

Did you know you don’t have to go running next door or down the hall or jump on the phone because there is something wrong with onTRAC? There are 2 important links you will want to take full advantage. Do you see the little bubble with a ? in it? That is a quick way for YOU to chat with tech support. You don’t have to wait around any more for someone in your building to finally get around to helping you.

If you click on it, a new window will open and you can fill in your information and the problem. You may have to install an application that gives support the ability to see your screen (once you close your session, they can no longer access your computer). PLEASE use this resource. Take advantage of this accessibility to support. Not all products out there allow this.

Also, there is a blue HELP button beside the ?. This will open a page full of resources and videos and whatever else you need to help you with onTRAC.

FYI, There is a new URL for students to log into onTRAC. The Library Media Specialist are posting this URL to their pages. http://itest.interactiveachievement.net/VA_GOOCHLAND/v7/secure/

I hope this helps you with onTRAC. Jen:-)

PowerTeacher Guides

Welcome back! PowerTeacher is available now for you to access.

There are a few new features with 2.6, let me know as you read through the notes which ones are most beneficial to you.

I will be coming around during the tech tune-up to help you get your gradebook ready to go for the upcoming school year.

Here are a few resources to help you get started.



Please note we do not take Lunch counts or submit log entries through PowerTeacher.

Elementary Teachers, please do not set up your gradebook until I see you. There is a change for this year.

I hope to see you all soon! Jen:-)

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