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How to Graduate a Student Early Before EOY

When we start up the new year and you have a student still in the high school that already graduated, you will want to follow these steps to move the student to the graduated school.

Archive the Student’s Final School Enrollment and Create a New School Enrollment

This first procedure will archive the student’s final school enrollment as a Previous Enrollment and will create a new current enrollment. This new current enrollment will later be modified to reflect a graduated student.

  1. Select the student that will be graduating early.
  2. Navigate to the Functions student screen and click the Transfer Out of School link.
  3. Enter an appropriate Transfer Comment such as “Graduated.”
  4. Enter the date of the student’s transfer. This should be the day after the student’s last day in class.
  5. Select an Exit Code appropriate for a graduating student.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Verify that the student was successfully transferred out of school. The words “Transferred Out” should be displayed at the top of each student page. If the student is already enrolled for the year and has any attendance on or before the exit date you will get an error message stating to clear out any non-blank attendance first. To clear out any non-blank attendance please see this article.
  8. Navigate to the Functions student screen and click the Re-Enroll In School link.
  9. Enter the Date of re-enrollment. This date should be the same as the student’s previous exit date.¬† In Premier 5.2.x or later, this date must be an in-session date as determined by the school calendar.
  10. Do not select an Entry Code.
  11. Enter an appropriate Entry Comment such as “Graduated.”
  12. Select a Full Time Equivalency.
  13. Do not restore the student’s course enrollments.
  14. Click Submit. By re-enrolling the student into the current school, the student’s final school enrollment has been archived as a previous enrollment. Navigate to the Transfer Info student screen and verify that the student’s most recent enrollment is archived under Previous Enrollments.

Modify New Current Enrollment for Graduation

Once the student’s final school enrollment has been archived as a Previous Enrollment in the [ReEnrollments] table, the new current school enrollment must be modified to reflect the state of a graduated student.

  1. Navigate to the Transfer Info page.
  2. Click the Entry Date of the student’s current enrollment.
  3. Set the Exit Date to the same value as the student’s Entry Date. Both dates should reflect the day after the student’s last day in school.
  4. Navigate to the Scheduling Setup student screen.
  5. Verify that the Schedule This Student check box is not checked.
  6. Verify that the Next Year Grade is set to “0”.
  7. Verify that “Next School Indicator” pull-down menu is set to the blank value.
  8. IMPORTANT: Ensure that the early graduate is the only student in your current student selection. This can be done by by changing to the PowerSchool Start Page and searching for the student by their Student Number or Last First or other unique information.
  9. Contact me. I MUST do the last step to ensure the student is marked correctly. I will have a few fields to correct to finalize the change. ID: 9586

Administrators, here is a way to confirm teachers have verified their grades


There is a new way to confirm teachers have verified their grades. From the report, you can also see any messages to you from the teachers. These comments may be a question or statement to you, so please check this report carefully. You may need to follow-up.

From the start page in PowerSchool, the Grade Verification Report is located under System Reports > Custom Reports > Gradebook Verification Report.






From the Find dropdown menu, you may choose to see only verified, unverified, or all sections. Choose the correct Store Code.

Please note you may need to search more than 1 time, since we have multiple store codes during our marking periods.






This may take a moment. Please have patience.



You will see a Yes when a teacher has verified their grades. You will also see a comment, a teacher needs you to be aware of something. Please make sure you, or a designee contacts me when all grades have been verified and you are ready for me to store.

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