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Perfect Attendance

So you’ve been wondering how to figure out perfect attendance. Take a look at these directions and a few tidbits in between. (This was adapted from our support site.)

How To Search for Perfect Attendance

To search for students that have perfect attendance during a specific period of time follow these steps:

  1. On the Start Page, select a group of students.
  2. Choose ‘Search for Perfect Attendance’ from the group functions menu.


  1. On the Start Page, select Special Functions in the Left Menu Bar.
  2. Choose ‘Search for Perfect Attendance’ from the group functions menu.
  3. Use the following as possible guidelines to enter information in the appropriate fields:
    • Students to scan — Select the selected students or all currently enrolled students.
    • Date range to scan — Enter the date range in which you want to scan attendance records.
    • Disregard these codes when searching — Enter the attendance codes that a student’s attendance record can contain and still be included on the perfect attendance report. Separate multiple attendance codes with commas, but with no spaces. (i.e. Students may qualify as having perfect attendance despite having several T (tardy) codes or S (School Excused) codes. In this example, you would enter T,S in the field.
  4. Click Submit.

**On a note, you can not search over multiple years. Bummer, I know. **Also, this ONLY finds students who started  on the first day of school or whatever your start date is in the search. **This must be run at the school level.

How It Works

The ‘Search For Perfect Attendance’ function uses the following selection criteria to determine which students have Perfect Attendance.

  1. The student must have a valid school enrollment for the entire date range specified
    • School entry date must be on or before the start of the dates to scan
    • School exit date must be on or after the end of the dates to scan
  2. Student must have a valid class enrollment during the date range specified
  3. Must be a part of the current student selection
  4. Must not have any attendance records matching all of the following criteria:
    1. Attendance mode matching the Perfect Attendance Selection (Daily, Meeting)
    2. Attendance record must be for the current year. If the date range spans multiple years only the current years records are evaluated.
    3. Attendance Code is not blank (Default Present Code)
    4. Attendance Code is not on the list of disregarded codes entered on the Perfect Attendance Selection Page
    • Note: The Present or Absent Flag on Attendance codes is not taken into consideration. Any additional present codes being used should be added to the disregarded codes list. This is so the system will treat Tardy records as absences by default.
  5. Remote and Summer Enrollments are not considered with determine Perfect Attendance at the student’s home school.

Daily Attendance for Students

Teachers were complaining about a “bug” we had on our attendance page. The alerts for every child would show up beside each student’s name in the class. To get rid of this “bug” we had to get rid of this customization.

There is a quick fix.

To the right of PowerTeacher, you will see the Daily Attendance link. Here you will see the attendance comment and code, when it is entered and you will be able to figure out when you have a student who is absent, tardy or may have skipped your class.

Sorry it’s so late, but hopefully this will help you keep up with your students’ attendance.


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