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When to exit a student and enroll them with a new Entry code

This is for all people transferring students in and out of PowerSchool.

Here’s a PDF that you can save for your own records.

When to exit a student and enroll them with a new Entry Code

Entering in Grades for Standards

There are 2 ways of entering standards grades into PowerSchool.

The preferred way is through the Gradebook.

Standards for K and 1 are no longer associated with the K and 1 courses. Instead, we have separated the standards out by the course.

Click on the course and click on the Final Grades button.




You will now see your list of standards. You have either type the score, type it in or use the drop-down to choose the grade and fill it down through the students, if you wish.






Continue this for all scores and save the changes.








The other method (less recommended) is by going through PowerTeacher.

Click on the Backpack in the row of the course to enter scores.



Click on a student’s name and from the drop down menu, choose Final Grades Entry (Standards).






Enter the grades and SUBMIT the grades.







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