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NWEA/Maps Directions and Resources

NWEA/Maps testing will be starting very soon. We want to make sure everyone is comfortable with administering the tests.

We had a classroom pilot the test to make sure we could address some of the bumps you might go through during this process. Zoe Parrish and Krystle Demas were so kind to create a little cheat sheet that will help many of you when attempting to set up your classes and tests. During the pilot we experienced a hiccup and were able to find a solution. This is also posted in their directions. Please do not forget to use the NWEA booklet for help.

Zoe’s directions – https://docs.google.com/a/glnd.k12.va.us/document/d/1ndPgrTemp1rRqdGDGm_V0z6nKWpXZCB0NJcf21rlAMY/edit?usp=sharing

Dr. Geyer and I pulled these guides from the Maps Resources page. You have access to them, but I wanted to share them here just in case.

Test Session Guide – PGM2_Test_Session_Guide

Introducing Students to Maps, what to tell them – QRM2_Student_Introduction_to_MAP_Testing_QuickRef

*One note in Maps, a Proctor is the teacher giving the test. This is different than how we use the term “proctor” when administering the SOL tests.

Proctoring Tips and Troubleshooting – QRM2_Proctor_Tips_and_Troubleshooting_QuickRef

Please do not forget to use the Knowledge Academy for accessing resources and videos. https://knowledgeacademy.nwea.org

Choose the Learning Library




From the Learning Library you will have different types of resources (any plenty of them). Check out the ones that say “Recommended” and click the blue start link in the right hand column.






We hope this helps you with this new assessment. Let us know if you have any questions.

Schoolnet Link through our Google Docs

Through your Goochland Google account you can also access other videos and guides.

Please make sure you are logged into Google with your glnd account and not with your personal login.

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