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Java and Gradebook download

If you are experiencing problems with JAVA and PowerTeacher Gradebook launching, please follow some of the steps below to possibly remedy your issue.

Try another browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) to make sure it happens in each one.

If you are clicking on the Small Arrow button beside “Gradebook” and nothing happens, click on the word “Gradebook”.











Just under the “Launch PowerTeacher Gradebook” button, read what is highlighted in orange. Click on the blue words (not button)click here“.



Another window will appear. Click on the “Download PowerTeacher Gradebook” button. Follow the directions on the page.




In your downloads folder, look for the Gradebook.app icon. Your icon might have the word “Gradebook” without the “.app” after it. That is fine. You can drag that to your Applications folder or your desktop.


You should be able to double-click on the Gradebook icon and enter your credentials to get into your Gradebook.

Parent/Student – Learning how to use PowerSchool

Students and parents use the PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals to view grades, attendance information, graduation progress, and much more. With the help of the PowerSchool Student Portal, students can track their academic success and review when class assignments are due. Using the PowerSchool Parent Portal, parents have access to real-time information about their students’ progress. In this guide, you will learn how students and parents access the PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals, and how to navigate through the application.

PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals

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