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PowerTeacher Pro Resources


I wanted to share a google folder with you to help you through your first days of working with our new version of gradebook. Don’t forget to access the Mastery in Minutes, PowerTeacher Pro videos through PowerSource.

I will be posting more a little later.

Have a great first week!


New PowerTeacher Gradebook

Teachers! Today you may be looking at a new way to launch your gradebook. Look at this video (yes it’s through youtube , so wait until testing is done, please.

PowerTeacher Gradebook 2.8 video

Java and Gradebook download

If you are experiencing problems with JAVA and PowerTeacher Gradebook launching, please follow some of the steps below to possibly remedy your issue.

Try another browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) to make sure it happens in each one.

If you are clicking on the Small Arrow button beside “Gradebook” and nothing happens, click on the word “Gradebook”.











Just under the “Launch PowerTeacher Gradebook” button, read what is highlighted in orange. Click on the blue words (not button)click here“.



Another window will appear. Click on the “Download PowerTeacher Gradebook” button. Follow the directions on the page.




In your downloads folder, look for the Gradebook.app icon. Your icon might have the word “Gradebook” without the “.app” after it. That is fine. You can drag that to your Applications folder or your desktop.


You should be able to double-click on the Gradebook icon and enter your credentials to get into your Gradebook.

PowerTeacher Guides

Welcome back! PowerTeacher is available now for you to access.

There are a few new features with 2.6, let me know as you read through the notes which ones are most beneficial to you.

I will be coming around during the tech tune-up to help you get your gradebook ready to go for the upcoming school year.

Here are a few resources to help you get started.



Please note we do not take Lunch counts or submit log entries through PowerTeacher.

Elementary Teachers, please do not set up your gradebook until I see you. There is a change for this year.

I hope to see you all soon! Jen:-)

K and 1 entering comments

Please note you have 2 ways of entering comments. You will enter them into the Social Studies course, BUT follow these instructions.

From PowerTeacher, click on the Backpack in the Row associated to your Social Studies class.



Click on a student’s name. From the drop down, choose Final Grade Entry (Standards). There is a comment standard that you can enter your written comment. 300 characters is the limit. Hit submit when you are done.







From the Gradebook, Click on the Social Studies class, click on the Final Grades button.




Find the K standard or 1st Grade standard with the blue circle with a C.





To enter a comment, right click in the cell below this Comment Standard. Choose show score inspector.






When the next window appears, enter you comment in the comment field. 300 characters is your limit. You can continue entering in comments for each student by clicking on the up and down arrows.






Once you are done, you may close the window and save the changes.

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