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Administrators, here is a way to confirm teachers have verified their grades


There is a new way to confirm teachers have verified their grades. From the report, you can also see any messages to you from the teachers. These comments may be a question or statement to you, so please check this report carefully. You may need to follow-up.

From the start page in PowerSchool, the Grade Verification Report is located under System Reports > Custom Reports > Gradebook Verification Report.






From the Find dropdown menu, you may choose to see only verified, unverified, or all sections. Choose the correct Store Code.

Please note you may need to search more than 1 time, since we have multiple store codes during our marking periods.






This may take a moment. Please have patience.



You will see a Yes when a teacher has verified their grades. You will also see a comment, a teacher needs you to be aware of something. Please make sure you, or a designee contacts me when all grades have been verified and you are ready for me to store.

How to Verify your Grades


Verification will be done differently this year. In your gradebook, make sure you verify every current term.

Ex. For Marking Period 1 (M1), For Marking Period 2, (M2, E1, S1, for secondary) (M2, T2, for Elementary), etc. To do this, you will see this:






Click on the “M1 in Progress” Button.

This window will appear.






If your grades and comments are complete, check the box. If you need to write a comment to an administrator, you can type your message in the comment box. Click OK when you are done. You must do this for each course.






Once you are done, you will see this.






Administrators will be running a report to confirm everyone has verified their grades.

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